A disabled holiday abroad can be stressful. With our accessible airport transfers, we take stress away by providing you with a wheelchair transfer or scooter transfer in a van for disabled

No worries. Our drivers are following your flight details closely and see when you land. The wheelchair accessible taxi will be there waiting for you. Upon arrival, our drivers will stand at the terminal with a sign up with your name on it, assist you with your luggage and escort you directly without any delays or queues to your destination in a comfortable, and safe way.

Our friendly driver will help you into the van by pulling out a rear ramp so you can stay in the comfort of your chair or scooter. Please add to your booking details what you need from the accessible airport transfer and we will arrange this accordingly. Although the majority of our drivers speak English, you will not have to worry about not speaking the language.

If you are with a big family or group of friends, we will arrange a wheelchair accessible van, according to your size of group. Prior to your trip we would like to know the size of your accessible equipment and how many people are going to use the accessible airport transfer to fit in the adapted vehicle.
• Book in advance
• The prices we give you are from the airport to your destination and, if requested, back to the airport.
• The prices are based upon the following:
▪ Group size
▪ Wheelchair(s) and/ or Scooter size
▪ Amount of (outsized) luggage
▪ Destination(s)
• We will confirm your airport accessible transfer as soon as possible.

Explore some of our most popular destinations, tell us about your wishes and itinerary, and we will help you with a customised plan.

We provide a range of assisted travel services that can take you from A to B, with help from a driver.
Can be used for trips such as shopping, visiting family and travelling to leisure activities.

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